Board of Adjustment (City of Springfield)

City of Springfield

The Board of Adjustment holds public hearings and has the following powers:

  • To hear and decide appeals where it is alleged that an administrative official made an error in the enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance, in accordance with Section 36-364.
  • To decide any questions involving the determination of the location of any zoning district boundary, if the location is uncertain, in accordance with Section 36-306.
  • To grant variances from the strict application of the terms of the Zoning Ordinance, in accordance with Section 36-365.
  • To allow special exceptions in accordance with Section 36-366 of the Zoning Ordinance.

Apply online and indicate the boards on which you are interested in serving. Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 417-864-1651 if you need any additional information.

  • 3 current vacancies (5 year terms)
    • 3 General Member (No additional special requirements)
  • Description
    • Has authority to hear appeals, decide district boundaries, allow exceptions, and grant variances of the Zoning Ordinance relating to land improvements, in accordance with guidelines established by the Zoning Ordinance
  • Requirements
    • City residency for 2 years
  • Meeting time and location
    • First Tuesday of the month at 1:30 PM
    • Historic City Hall, Council Chambers, 830 Boonville Avenue

**Please let us know if you submit an application and/or get appointed to this board.