Planning & Zoning Commission (City of Springfield)

City of Springfield

The Planning and Zoning Commission holds public hearings and makes recommendations on a variety of issues:

  • Proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan
  • Proposed amendments to the text of the Zoning Ordinance.
  • Proposed conditional use permits
  • Proposed preliminary plats to subdivide property
  • Proposed public property acquisitions and disposals
  • Proposed relinquishment or granting of easements
  • Proposed rezoning applications
  • Proposed street name changes
  • Proposed vacations of streets, alleys and subdivisions

Term Length: 3 years

Requirements: Must have resided in the City of Springfield (city limits) for at least 2 years

Meeting Time & Location: Meets bi-monthly on Thursdays at 6:30 pm. Meetings are held at City Council Chambers in Historic City Hall, 830 N Boonville Ave.

How to Apply: Complete the online application

**Please let us know if you submit an application and/or get appointed to this board.